PHDCCI organizes video conference on IPR to celebrate World IP Day

New Delhi: PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) organized a video conference on IP & SMEs: Taking your Ideas to Market – How to Protect & Commercialize your Ideas to celebrate the World IP Day.


In his welcome address, Mr. Param Kalra, Regional Chairman, Startup Committee, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Co-Founder, Starthub Nation informed that PHDCCI has set up an IP Facilitation Centre at Amritsar under the aegis of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME), Government of India to render IP services to MSMEs and Startups in the region. IPFC Amritsar & Chandigarh are providing all IP related services like Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Designs and Geographical Indication, etc. PHDCCI is also organizing series of events to publicize and apprise stakeholders of the services of IPFC for Startups and Industry members.


Speaking on the topic of ‘Startup Ecosystem Development in the State of Punjab’, Mr. Deepindar Dhillon, Joint Director, Startup Punjab and, Department of Information Technology & Sector Officer IT, Electronics, Invest Punjab, Government of Punjab stated that a congenial eco system is required for success of innovations. He shared that Punjab has already launched mission Innovate Punjab to promote innovation culture in the State. He informed that Patent Information Centre has been set up at the Department of Science and Technology to facilitate Patent research, filling of Patents, Trade Marks etc. The World Intellectual Property Organization has established Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) at Science and Technology Department to provide facilities like training, experience sharing platform, support for technology transfer for helping the startups and MSMEs to exploit their innovative potential and manage their intellectual property rights.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kundan Lal, Assistant Director, Govt. of India Ministry of MSME, MSME Development Institute, Ludhiana stated that subsidies are provided for IPR under various schemes being run by the Government of India. He shared that the MSME Development Institute, Ludhiana has conducted online awareness programs for all districts in Punjab to educate MSMEs and Startups regarding IPR.


Mr. Kundan Lal said two IP Facilitation Centres have been awarded for Punjab – one at Amritsar and one at Ludhiana. PHDCCI has already set up IPFC at Amritsar. The other IPFC will become operational shortly at Ludhiana.


Giving detail of grants and subsidies offered by GOI, he shared that a grant of one crore rupees is provided for setting up for IPFC. A subsidy of Rs. 1.00 lac is provided for national patent and Rs. 5.00 lacs for international Patent. Similarly, for geographical indication grant of upto Rs. 2.00 lac is provided. For Trade Marks, the subsidy is Rs. 10,000/-. Financial support of Rs. 70,000/- is provided for conducting offline IPR promotion program and Rs. 3.00 lacs for organizing regional level Conference/Conclave.


Dr. Shweta Sen, Head IPR, Integrum IP, Mohali made a detailed Presentation on IP Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs. She stated that Patents are innovations which are novel and not in public domain. She said IP Strategy should be linked with business objectives. She added that an offensive IP strategy focuses on acquiring and protecting IP that gives your organisation an advantage over its competitors. On the other hand, a defensive IP strategy is used to avoid risk of competitor patenting the innovation. She advised that innovators should assess the vulnerability of their innovations and first verify their availability and anticipate risks to appropriately manage their innovations.


Making a Presentation on ‘Tech transfer and Commercialization aspects for SMEs’, Ms. Deepika Divekar Panicker, Co-Founder, Lawgicon, Pune said that if IPR is registered, it can be used for financial gains. She explained that there are various ways to commercially exploit the IPR. It can be done in form of outsourcing R&D, upfront sale i.e. IP assignment, licensing IP etc. Other ways of commercial use of IPR are technology transfer, joint ventures and merger and acquisitions.


She said right documentation is very important in IPR and any agreement regarding IPR should be properly understood before signing. The Rights and obligations should be clearly mentioned and there should be no grey areas. She said that keeping in view the importance of legal documents; it is desirable to consult a lawyer about the various clauses of the agreement.


Explaining the procedure for registering Patents, Trademarks, Copy rights, Industrial designs etc., Ms.Geeta Gulati, Advocate, Trade Marks & Patent Attorney, Panchkula stated that IPs attracts investors and helps the organizations to grow.


She shared that an idea can be protected by Patent. It is valid for 20 years and cannot be renewed. It is territorial and applicable only in the country where it is registered.


Ms. Gulati informed that Trademarks refer to name, colour and logo and are valid for 10 years but can be renewed any number of times.


She said Copy rights are valid for lifetime and applicable in all countries. She added that Industrial designs constitute the outer shape of the product that can be manufactured.


She said that under valued or over valued IPs are not good for commercialization.


Thanking the speakers and participants, Mr. J K Sharma, Co-Chairman, Punjab Education Committee and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Technology Business Incubation Foundation (TBIF), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar said that very valuable insights were shared during the Session and hoped the participants will benefit from the same.


PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s webinar was supported by DLF India; Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd; JK Tyre & industries ltd; Marble City; Paramount Cables ltd; SMC Investments and Advisors Limited; Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic; DCM Shriram Industries ltd; Radico Khaitan ltd and Timberworkz.


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