Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan attended 2nd edition of Gujarat CSR Summit 2018 in Vadodara

Vadodara: Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan attended the 2nd edition of Gujarat CSR Summit 2018 in Vadodara organised jointly by Corporate Citizens-Janajati Kalyan Ashram, Gujarat & Tribal Development Department, Govt. of Gujarat. The Janajati Kalyan Ashram is dedicated towards the development of tribals across India.

Minister Dharmendra Pradhan shared his views on redefining understanding of CSR. CSR should be an ongoing process integrated with our core values and engage everyone in our community for the education, employment & empowerment of the poorest of the poor in the country to bring them in the mainstream.Tribals have many community values which we can learn from, their efforts are aimed not only towards development of their society but also towards sustainability of the environment they live in. They are not underdeveloped, their superiority in coexisting with nature is unrecognised.

Tribals have been the most inclusive & socially responsible people amongst all. They have protected our heritage & our environment for centuries without any hope for incentives from any Govt. It is everyone’s responsibility to empower them with better health, nutrition & education.

Today we have a Govt. which itself works on CSR model & is determined for upliftment of poor & underprivileged. Hon. PM Sh. Narendra Modi ’s Govt. is committed to alleviate poverty and empower the poorest of poor with health, hygiene, nutrition, education & employment.

Our Govt. under PM Sh. Narendra Modi has taken significant steps towards empowering women & the poor. #PMUY has facilitated Ease of Living for nearly 6Cr BPL women in the country. Several schemes like #SwachhBharat, #AyushmanBharat, #PoshanAbhiyan are benefitting the poor people.Taking on poverty is the biggest challenge for our society and our Govt., We have to work together as a community to win over this challenge.CSR is not only to be displayed in ledger books, it should be continuous & collective. A well developed society, leads to better business.

CSR investments are not only goodwill gestures towards the community but also an investment towards improving the future of businesses, the future of our country. Even a small contribution like inspiring a child towards education can help uplift the society & our country.



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