It’s passion, not education, which would help you get where you want to be: Deepti Sivan, Director, Decoding Shankar

Mumbai: Directors of the two non-feature films Decoding Shankar & Sampurak, addressed a joint press conference, at the 49th International Film Festival of India, Goa today, November 22, 2018. Their films are being showcased as part of the Indian Panorama in the Non Feature category.

Sharing her experience about making of the film, Deepti Sivan asserted that it’s passion, not education, which would help you get where you want to be. When you do something with passion, you will do it to your best since you enjoy it. Shankar Mahadevan pursued his filmmaking passion though he was good as a software engineer. Follow your heart, follow your passion – that is what we wanted to tell through this story. She said that Shankar Mahadevan was an eminent personality through whom this story could be told.


Sivan stated that barring A. R. Rehman, Shankar Mahadevan is the only Indian musician who has a pan-India presence, and is welcomed in Bollywood as well. She said that it was time people came to know the life of a multi-talented personality like him in a better way.

Picking up from Sivan, Prabal Chakraborty said that he too has pursued his passion. He said that filmmaking has always been and still is dream for him. When he returned to India after his film education, he wanted to do a feature. Speaking about his film and the place of women in society, Chakraborty said the film is about how women manage to balance their twin worlds of work and home,

Speaking about his experience of working in the US, Prabal Charaborty said that the international experience serves to widen one’s outlook and views.

Speaking about Prabal, Deepti Sivan said, “It is so nice to see that both of us are sharing the dais with a similar story: I have done a story about an engineer who followed his dream, and I have an engineer who has followed his dream sitting next to me.”

Narrating about his efforts in making this short film, Prabal Chakraborty said that what he enjoyed most about the film is the part of directing the film itself.


Shankar, directed by Deepti Sivan, explores Singer Shankar Mahadevan’s tryst with music. Narrated in his own inimitable style, the singer-composer recollects the decisive moments that shaped his musical sensibilities. It focuses on how he balances his career as a singer, music composer, teacher and family man and also his passion for food. The film is produced by PSBT (Public Service Broadcasting Trust).

Sampurak, which means the other half, is a Bengali film directed by Mr. Prabal Chakraborty. After their five-day long business workshop, a woman and a man are declared as joint winners at their presentation. The film traces the life of these two individuals after their joint win. While the man’s win is celebrated by his family and he is offered privileges on his return, the woman’s win is not even talked about and she is expected to manage the pending household chores on her return. She is even made to feel guilty for her absence from home for those five days.

Direction, Story and Screenplay & Editing of film is by Prabal Chakraborty. This is his first short film in Bengali.


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