Over 2100 Indians brought back today by special flights from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries

New Delhi: Under ‘Operation Ganga’ to rescue Indian citizens, 2135 Indians have been brought back today by 11 special civilian flights from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. With this, more than 15 thousand 9 hundred Indians have been brought back since the special flights began on 22nd February, 2022.The number of Indians airlifted by 66 special civilian flights goes up to 13852. Till date, the IAF has flown 10 sorties to bring back 2056 passengers, while taking 26 tonnes of relief load to these countries, as part of Op Ganga.

Among the special Civilian flights today, 9 landed in New Delhi while 2 reached Mumbai. There were 6 flights from Budapest, 2 from Bucharest, 2 from  Rzeszow,  and 1 from Kosice.

Tomorrow, 8 special flights are expected to operate from Budapest (5), Suceva (2) and Bucharest (1), bringing in more than 1500 Indians back home.

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