“Open-Air Cafes Deliver Love, Laugh Over A Cup Of Tea”- Food Blogger Pritisha Das

By Roy

After having her bloggers’ meet post-pandemic, food blogger Pritisha Das has candidly opined about growing tea joints and open-air cafes in Bhubaneswar. “Although people are still into those classy cafes and restaurants they are also opting for homely atmosphere tea joints and open-air cafes because in India we live, love and laugh over a cup of tea. So I think such places deliver a great vibe over refreshments which is probably the best we are enjoying.”

British recently had held a bloggers’ meet at Bhubaneswar’s ‘Cha Haat’, a cosy hangout spot in Jaydev Vihar. Talking more about her journey and the meet, she tells us, “It’s been a great journey I am experiencing new things every day, honestly, I am loving this. ‘Cha Haat’ is a small cosy place I love the vibes over there. It’s a place where we can enjoy our teatime on a pocket-friendly budget. Though it’s not the first meet after pandemic we all had a memorable experience.”

“In Cha Haat, I would suggest trying their special masala tea and some quick bites like sandwiches or everyone’s favourite Maggie,” she recommends.

Another prime attraction of Pritisha’s page is her sheer excellence in food photography. As she says, pictures help a lot in influencing people. She says, “I haven’t taken any training or done any courses in food photography. It’s just my passion that I follow. Well, it does help a lot in influencing people for delicious foods and food businesses that are currently going on over Instagram. But I think the most important factor in this blogging is creativity and passion. It does the rest of the job.”

She also adds that it’s really difficult to manage everything after a pandemic. “The way I see it, they’re doing a great job keeping all the Covid-19 issues considering all the precautions and giving importance to these serious issues by taking strict actions like ‘no mask no entry’. That’s incredible.

Rainy days it’s a big task but I think it won’t affect much to the food business.”

About the emerging market of cloud kitchens and home bakers, Pritisha opines, “Honestly I don’t see those concepts in the long run, especially in Odisha because people would love to order from online or else would love to go and have their food in restaurants. No doubt these concepts like home bakers, cloud kitchens are also doing well but in the long run, I don’t think they would excel like other services and food business.”

Link- https://www.instagram.com/the_art_of_comfort_eating/

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