Odisha Tribals stops road construction work allege diversion of PMGSY

Berhmapur: Even as crores of rupees were spent from the Rural Development(RD) department on Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), developing roads, bridges for rural connectivity in the state, but allegedly in Mohana block of Gajapati district that the fund of a PMGSY project was being misappropriated by diverting the road from actual projected area through contractor and RD official.

Representing 4 Garam Panchyat(GP) including PRI members stopped unprojected areas road construction work of PMGSY. Presented a memorandum alleging “diverted PMGSY illegally” to Chief Minister through MLA Mohana on Sunday.

The Mulnivasi Manch brought severe allegation against Rural Works Division(RWD) Mohana official for misuse of fund allotted for PMGSY construction in the Financial Year of 2017-18 session, said Manch Member Mishra Majhi on Sunday.

They said as the works are being carried out unlawfully from Santinagar to Goptimaha to Kutiguda with personal interest of contractor and RWD official. Actual work to be done in hilly remote pockets to connect Antaraba GP,Dangeskhal GP,Chudungapur GP,Karchabadi GP, which the district administration has little attention to the execution of the project from Budreng to Uperbudreng to Chiurbudreng to Bapudghat to Galma village. Around 2000 population will be the direct beneficiaries.

They accused the Mohana RWD has hand in globe with the contractor, there in no monitoring system to ensure appropriate work.

Majhi alleged that the ruling state government earlier assured the people of ‘zero tolerance’ over any corruption meted but the RWD Mohana made embezzlement of development right at their nose but they became mute spectators.

“As per the RTI reply received from the department, 3.39 crore fund approved against all-weather connectivity from Budreng to Galma 10.8 kms under project package no. 250. The work is allotted to contractor Gajendra Prashad Panda of Berhampur,” explained Majhi.

MLA Basanti Mallick said that she will look into the matter.

RWD Mohana Executive Engineer Sisir Sahoo, who has been looking after the work, refused to make any comment on the work.


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