Odisha: Regional outfit KJD Demands Kosal University for Rourkela

Rourkela: A university at Vedyas where Byasadev wrote the holy script ‘Mahabharat’ should come up in the name of Kosal University with its address as ‘Vyasa Bihar’. This has been mooted as a party resolution by Kosal Janata Dal President Baidyanath Mishra. He was speaking at the launch ceremony of the 5-month long membership drive which began at a brief function held in People Restaurant, Rourkela last evening. Mishra was critical about the govt.’s lop sided development especially in tourism sector. Places of tourist destination in Western Odisha like Vedyas, Khandadhar, Nrusinghanath, Harishankar et al lacked political will to develop as commercially viable tourist spots owing parochial considerations. The govt., it seems, is not in favour of an inclusive growth of the state despite its existing poor-state tag in the country. Mishra also argued in favour of an Assembly session at Rourkela like the one at Nagpur by Maharastra government. The Odisha govt. should also provide land at Rourkela for ‘Kosal Bhawan’ to promote Kosli language and culture, Mishra added. It was later decided that a memorandum on these points will be submitted before the Odisha Governor.
Party Vice-President Sanat Kumar Pradhan elaborated on the future course of action by the party and asked the members to get prepared for the ensuing election for the corporations as well as the general election.
Executive member Surama Mishra said she had raised the issue of negligence to tourism sector especially to Vyasa khetra at a journalist conference in Delhi pleading for making this as the country’s number one knowledge hub.
Guest speaker Pitabas Mishra, Editor, Utkal Mail said Western Odisha populace in its entirely are natural members of Kosal Janata Dal. Only a mass connect programme is what required. Party should organize a cycle rally to cover the entire Western Odisha region under a mass reach out program. Lalatendu Chouwdhury, Ranjan Lenka and Debabrata Das also spoke. Party General Secretary Chakranta Jena proposed the vote of thanks.

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