Odisha: Principal Secretary to Govt., Women & Child Development and Mission Shakti holds a review meeting on the preparedness to deal with the probable cyclone ‘YAASH’


Bhubaneswar: Ms. Anu Garg, Principal Secretary, Women & Child Development and Mission Shakti held a review meeting on 22.05.2021 in virtual mode with the officers of the department, DSWOs, CDPOs on the preparedness to deal with the probable cyclone ‘YAASH’. Emphasis was laid on preparedness in Bhadrak and Baleswar districts while other northern/coastal districts were also asked to remain prepared for any eventuality. Principal Secretary and Director, ICDS & SW directed the field functionaries of the department to ensure the following points.
Prior arrangement be made for shifting of pregnant women to hospital with early Expected Date of Delivery (EDD), preferably through ambulance. Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) are to make frequent visits to cyclone centres /relief camps. Medical check-up of high risk pregnant women, expecting mothers and severely underweight/ Severely Acute Malnutrition (SAM) children is to be conducted in coordination with the local ANMs/ASHAs following due Covid protocols.
Steps may be taken to store Take Home Ration (THR), first aid and medicine kits in the cyclone shelters/ relief centres/ AWCs/ NGO run institutions such as Child Care Institutions (CCI)/ Swadhar & Ujjwala homes. Provision may be made for advance supply of THR and eggs to children and pregnant and nursing women in the affected areas.
Distribution of THR should be made before 25th May.
THR producing units shall ensure that all raw materials provided by the Govt, and THR produced are kept in safe custody during the cyclone.
AWCs are already closed during the period. However, it may be ensured safe upkeep of provisions/ rations and all the essential items /registers etc. and to undertake safety inspection of all AWC buildings.
Special care should be taken for children in need of care and protection, single parent child, orphans, destitute women during this period. Adequate food and shelter arrangement should be done
CCls and Swadhar/Ujjala homes in the affected areas should ensure that inmates are living in structurally safe buildings and no way exposed to open asbestos/unsafe buildings / any unsafe items. Structural safety of such institutions should be examined and any unsafe structure/ weak trees etc should be removed to avoid any untoward incident.
Other precautions in view of COVID-19 should also be followed.


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