Odisha: International Literacy Day Observed at Rayagada

Rayagada : State Resource Centre for Adult Education (Agragamee), Rayagada observed the International Literacy Day on September 8 at Krushna Chandra Bhavan, Rayagada. A meeting held at Rayagada on which . Rahul P.R, S.P, Rayagada, Mr. Prabir Kumar Nayak, Sub-Collector, Rayagada, Mr. Purnachanda Bariha, DEO, Rayagada, Mrs. Anesthesia Kerketa, DPC, Mrs. Sumani Jhodia, Social Activitst, Mr. Achyut Das, Director, Agragamee, Dr. Narendra Mishra spoke as guest on this occasion.
A meeting held at Town Hall 10:30 am and Mr. Rahul P.R, S.P, Rayagada is the chief guest. He call to take oath to literate one person who attend the meeting. The event has attended by school children, educationists, scholars, social activists, villagers of Kutuli, Badamandara, Punjapai, Khumhilota etc. and GOs, NGOs.
Speaking in the inauguration meeting, Mr. Prabir Kumar Nayak, Sub-Collector,Rayagada share about the importance of the day. He calls who already educate, will need to share some time for illiterate and for mother India.
Chairperson of SRC, Mr. Achyut Das while addressing the gathering said that there is need for post literay programme for the neo-literate. He share there is need of Environmental Literay, Swacha Abhijan Literay with 3 R literacy. He also spoke of success of literacy program of Kerala and Tripura.
Eminent social activists, Mr. Sumani Jhodia, shared her experience that during her time, there was no school near her village and also no female members going to school her time. She call the students to study properly, otherwise that will not fit for any other works.
Mrs. Anesthesia Kerkata, DPC, Rayagada shared about action taken by District Authority for literacy during Saakshar Bharat programme in Rayagada district. Mr. Purnachandra Bariha, District Education Officer, Raygada, share that there is need to be involvement of all stakeholder . He shared that Education change the society in a meaniful way.
Welcome to the participants of the meeting, Dr. Chandan Ku. Singh shared that the day has observed all over the world to create public awareness about the significance of literacy for individuals, family and society as a whole. The purpose of the meeting is to mobilize youth, educationists and NGOs for the cause of literacy, he added. Around 200 personals from different stakeholder including students, teachers, GOs, NGOs, Ashadidi, Anwanwadi worker, scholar, academicians on this occasion.

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