Odisha Govt restored 99.4% power supply in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: In Bhubaneswar, power supply has been restored to 3,14,323 consumers (99.4%) out of 3,152,57 consumers. All the 33kV Feeder, 11 kV Feeder & 33/11 kV SubStations are 100% restored.In addition to the above, in Bhubaneswar, all the *33kV Feeder*, *11 kV Feeder* and *33/11 kV SubStations* are *100%* restored.

While connectivity to all the consumers have been completed in Bhubaneswar BCDD-I Division, in BCDD-II Division, 147531 rural and urban consumers have been provided with power connection. 108150 consumers of rural and urban areas out of 109984 in BED Division have been supplied with power.

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