Rehabilitation of Odisha: CM Naveen Patnaik Reaches Out via Twitter

Bhubaneswar: Cyclone Fani left a trail of destruction across 14 Districts of Odisha, but its administration has emerged as a global example of how better preparedness and governmental coordination can save lives during disasters. Had it not been the prudence and astute leadership of its long-serving CM Naveen Patnaik, Fani’s effect would have been far more catastrophic for the people of Odisha. However, the loss to its lands, property and lives is massive and unprecedented and the people of Odisha needs national support in rebuilding their cities, villages and livelihoods. According to recent surveys, the total losses amount to Rs. 12,000 crores.

Rehabilitation of Odisha

In one of his tweets, Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha recently said, “Not only we prevented one disaster of humongous proportion, after hit by a near Super cyclone. We are in the process of restoring critical infrastructure with our resilient preparedness. This is a transformation Odisha has had and thanks to 4.5 crore people who made this possible. I appeal to all Individuals, Central and State PSUs, Corporate Houses, Business and Industrial Houses, Banks and Charitable institutions, Trust and other institutions to contribute generously to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Odisha.”

Rehabilitation of Odisha

While various states of the country and other agencies including CSR arms of corporates and NGO’s have come together to bail out the state of Odisha from this disaster, it will require a lot in terms of on ground support and financial aid. Here’s how you can help rebuild the lives of more than a million people.

1. Chief Minister’s Relief Fund –