Odisha BJP Mahila Morcha activists ransacked SCW office in protest of Kunduli incident

Bhubaneswar: BJP Mahila Morcha activists on Thursday ransacked the State Commission for Women’s (SCW) office here in protest of the gangrape and suicide of the Kunduli minor Dalit girl.

Demanding the SCW’s probe report to be made public, the saffron party women activists stormed into the commission’s office. Though the police tried to prevent the women agitators, they managed to enter the office premises.

Then, the protestors smashed the furniture, accessories and whatever came their way inside the office. Window panes of the office building were also damaged. Some activists also hung bangles on the office wall as a mark of protest.

BJP spokesperson Lekhashree Samantsinghar said, “It does not seem that the women’s commission is working for the safety of women. Instead, the commission is safeguarding the interests of the ruling party. Therefore, the commission’s office should be closed immediately.”



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