Odisha: Beach cleaning Activity By Youths at Gopalpur To Celebrate World Water Day


Ganjam : In observance of World Water Day, the beach cleaning activity “SAVE BLUE, LIVE GREEN- Driving the passion & energy of youth for action” was led by the climate man of Odisha Satyabrata Samal, jointly organized by Sattvic Soul, UNICEF, PANTISS, Youth4Water Plus, at Gopalpur beach on Wednesday to combat climate change, to protect our oceans and educate young people about the importance of plogging in combating climate change.

As part of the UNICEF-supported Youth4Water Plus campaign, this activity is aligned with the UN-Water Conference and world water day. This world water day, youths will be engaged to remove trash and debris from beaches, waterways, and other water bodies, to identify the sources of the litter, accelerate to change behaviors that cause pollution, and raise awareness on the extent of the marine debris problem.

The effects of climate change on our oceans and coastlines are becoming increasingly apparent, with rising temperatures and sea levels, increased ocean acidity, and more frequent extreme weather events. Plastic waste and other pollutants on our beaches harm marine life, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and worsen the effects of climate change.

Speaking on the occasion, Climate Man of Odisha, Satyabrata Samal said,” The objective behind this beach cleaning was to remind ourselves of the vital role that oceans and water bodies play in sustaining life on Earth. Over 70% of our planet is covered in water, it is high time that we take responsibility for keeping our oceans and beaches clean and free from pollution. Youth participation in this regard is vital to preserving our ecosystem and water resources for future generations.”

Abhishek Mohanty, Youth anchor, Fitness Expert, and Youth4Water Plus ambassador said, “I am proud to be a part of Youth4Water Plus and contribute towards channeling the energy of youth towards making the earth a cleaner, greener, bluer”.

Jyoti Sharma, Program Director, Youth4Water Plus said, “It is heartening to see youth set the pace for climate action and participate in the UN Water Conference 2023. Through Youth4Water Plus we want to connect youth across the globe and empower them to be climate change leaders for their communities and the world”.

Apart from the beach cleaning activities, there was a yoga session led by youth ambassador Abhishek Mohanty, to support youths in stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss, and quality sleep.

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