Odisha :As only few days to go for the Ratha Yatra festival, chariot work is on full swing at “Rathakhala” in Puri

Bhubaneswar :As the auspicious Rath Yatra festival is going to be celebrated on July 1 this year, the chariot work is on full swing and today at “Rathakhala”, after the installation of the third “Bhuin”, the raising of “Bada Dhara Potala” and making of “Kanaka Mundi” for the first “Bhuin” has been done followed by the making “Bindha” is going on.

The “Garedi” and “Magara Mukha Pata” are also ready to get fit in the “Duara Bedha” of the 3 “Rathas”.

The colouring of the wheels and “Kona Guja” of 3 “Rathas” got started with first white layer along with the painting of the “Parswa” deities is continuing.

Also, the making of the “Ratha” covering fabrics or clothes is going on in full swing.

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