ODIA CA., mountaineer Sudhir Kumar Dash successfully summits Mount Parashar in Himachal Pradesh, India

New Delhi: Mount Parashar is located above 10,000 ft from sea level is rare beauty of Himachal Pradesh, India. Situated 45 km from Mandi towards the North is famous for the Parashar Lake. It is believed that the Lake is the Holy Place of Saint Parashar who worshiped there and wrote the Holy Astrology Book there. The Lake is unique having a floating Iceland in it.
Come winter the whole mountain is covered in deep and heavy snow fall. At many place more than 20 ft of snow are found. The connecting route is just invisible. Due to the adverse weather and no support infrastructure, the local authorities declare unsafe and restricts visit and trekking to the place. One has to do with a life and death really experience to reach there.
Amazed by the abundant beauty and the challenge of the height and elevation, CA. Sudhir Dash led his 2 companions to the Top. On the fateful 6th February 2022, we started from the base village Baggi. From Baghi to the Top of the Mt. Parashar is a 8 km track covering rever beds, bushy lanes and rocky uphills covered with deep snow.

On the way, we were at times panic for no sight of any life and human habitats. Finding the deserted mud house for animal shelter and and sheltering there for few minutes We had our share of the struggle, especially in the last leg of 3 kilometers. With deep snow and 90 degree uphill with complete unaware ways. You have to check the depth of the snow and create point to place your foot for a step ahead. The other just have to follow the step left by the lead. Many places its life and death challenge, yet the surrounding beauty and the zeal to reach at all cost kept us motivated. The moments of getting into the Top is an experience of life time. We were luck that we didn’t have to face any rain that day. The Parashar lake is barely 500 ft from the Top, we had a visit there to pay our homage to the Lord Parashar Temple.

One night spent there in the Forest Guest house, with the sole member up keeper Mr. Veer Singh with no electricity and light is a memory of lifetime. The Have moon and bright stars were enough good light available. Thanks to the reflection in glazing snow all around.
The struggle didn’t end here, coming down in the next day was more dreadful, as it becomes more slippery with hard snow on the step marks left by us. Carrying the body weight, while coming down is way too risky but thank God we survived with minor falls at few places.

We have seen in various travel blogs the scenic beauty of Switzerland. Must we mention here, this place is far way ahead beautiful with the demographic surrounding. Tall trees, high mountains, natural springs, and the unbelievable frozen Parashar lake is poetic beauty to make you loss in total attraction.
Visiting to the Parashar Lake is no costly affairs, Local Bus Connectivity is there till the Village Baghi. Interstate bus services available to the Commercial towns of Mandi in Hamachal Pradesh. Baghi is barely 25 km from Mandi.

We are so touched by the place that we will love to visit once in every year for the beauty and ofcourse not to forget the Oxygen Therapy for free worth millions of Dollars.
My adventure is unnatural of a CA but not unbecoming of a CA, laughingly says CA. Sudhir Kumar Dash.

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