Nursing Students Empathise With Flood Victims Of Rayagada During Ganesh Puja

Report by Badal Tah; Rayagada: “It was more of empathizing than celebrating the Ganesha festival this year. We worshipped Lord Ganesha for the well being of families affected by recent flood in Rayagada district”, said Ms.Subrata, Principal of Sahayog Nursing College, Rayagada.

The students invited a few eminent citizens of Rayagada town to showcase their creativity and seek blessings from them. The puja started as per the ritual and pushpanjali was offered at 11.30 AM. The content of the Prasad included organic constituents. Interestingly to contain sound pollution no loud speaker was used. Organic colours were used to depict empathy for the flood affected of Rayagada. The students and staff members vowed on this auspicious occasion to dedicate their lives as health service providers in their respective work stations.

“With this kind of attitude, these nursing students can render required service as expected from them and instill behavioural change within the primary stakeholders and the larger community in general & weaker section of the community in KBK region in particular. They will then be the mini-Florence Nightingales of an area like KBK infested with health catastrophes”, said Smt Bidulata Huika, Ombudsman, Rayagada, who attended the religious function and blessed the students. Among others, Sri Manoj Kumar Padhi, Ex-Faculty member of this college and an entrepreneur promoting tele-medicine and senior scribe Sri Badal kumar Tah, Working President, Rayagada Nagarika Mancha attended the puja.