Utkal Alumina Health Centre – A Sigh Of Relief For Patients In The Periphery

Bhubaneswar : The Health Centre of Utkal Alumina has lived up to the expectation of the people in the periphery, by extending treatment of critical illness at free of cost. Along with catering to the need of the out patients of around 250 per day, it also treats certain critical illness in the health centre. The dedicated team of doctors and para medical staff work relentlessly to provide access to quality health care service to the people in this remote place of the state. Two recent operations conducted by Dr. Ravi Chauhan, Chief Medical Officer and the team for the burn injury patients of Dwimundi village are worth mentioning.

Smt. Bhajanti Naik, W/o Sri Ratan Naik of Dwimundi village had burn injury on her neck and was not being able to move her neck since long. She had been taken to various hosiptals including the District Head Quarter Hospital at Koraput. However, it was told by the hospitals that treatment needs huge expenditure. The family members of Smt. Naik did not dare the proposed expenses. However, they approached Dr. Chauhan with the help of Mr. SanatanNaik, an employee of Utkal Alumina from the same village. Dr. Chauhan is quite experienced and could successfully complete the operation with the help of the team. Smt. Naik is now extremely happy and can move her neck quite comfortably. The satisfaction of treating the patient successfully could be studied from the face of Dr. Chauhan.

Similarly, Smt. DalimbaNaik, W/o Sri SenapatiNaik of Dwimundi village was having burn injury on right hand and the fingers were fixed together. She was taken to various hospitals including a renowned hospital at Visakhapatnam, where she was asked to pay a sizeable amount which was not affordable by the family. The family approached our Health Centre. The team lead by Dr. Chauhan undertook the operation and she was cured. Needless to mention here that the entire cost of treatment has been borne by Utkal Alumina.

These efforts have been highly appreciated by the people in the periphery and is a moral boost for the medical team to render service still better and still higher in the days to come. While appreciating the effort, Mr. N. Nagesh, Unit Head & President of Utkal Alumina said that the company is committed for improving health facilities in the area and informed that the company is shortly opening Utkal Hospital at Osapada, which will have specialist service, advanced equipment and also indoor facilities in the days to come.