NIT Rourkela Industrial Design department organizes GIAN course

Rourkela : Department of Industrial Design of the national institute of technology, Rourkela, organized a global initiative of academic network (GIAN) course on ‘Vibration Problems in Rotating Machines: Diagnosis and Rectification’. The programme was inaugurated by professor Arthur W Lees of Uk. Director of NIT Rourkela professor Animesh Biswas also graced the occasion. The event was coordinated by Professor Mohit Lal. Speaking about the course professor Mohit Lal said, ” Rotating machinery find a wide variety of applications in industries such as turbine generator systems in industries such as turbine generator systems in power plant, nuclear sector, marine, aerospace and many more. These rotating machinery often come across different kind of faults like unbalance, misalignment, crack, Rotor bow, bearing fault etc. The course will give the participants an understanding of the ways in which measured data can be interpreted to gain an insight into a machine’s operation and to diagnose incipients of a range of machine faults, the means of acquiring and presenting plant data and advanced techniques of data analysis.” He further said, ” The objectives behind the course is to understand the various methods of presenting complex data, to introduce modern methods of data analysis to aid diagnostics, to support these aims with modelling methods and case studies from real plant and appreciation of the ways in which common machine faults influence vibration and other external signals . During this course introduction of rotor systems, machine classifications, presentation of data etc will be taught”, said Professor Lal. Around a hundred students across the country participated in this course. This programme will continue till 1st March.

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