NIST Organizes AICTE Sponsored NLP Workshop

Berhampur: School of Computer Science and Engineering, NIST, Berhampur is organizing AICTE Sponsored Faculty Development Program, “Natural Language Processing for the Digital Humanities,” during 3rd to 13th December 2019. Experts from IITs and Central Universities on Machine Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and sentiment analysis on Social Media, Digital Humanities and Social Science will deliver lectures and demonstrate their work on NLP during this 2-week long workshop.

Coordinator of the program and NIST faculty, Dr. Motahar Reza, introduced the dais and the program to the participants in the inaugural ceremony on 3rd December. Director of NIST, Dr. Sangram Mudali thanked AICTE for giving NIST the opportunity to organize the program on such a big scale wherein faculty members and researchers from all over India will participate. He said, “I became interested in AI when IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeated the reigning world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. These days AI/NLP is the buzz. It gives us shopping suggestions, election predictions and much more basis pattern analyses on social media. However, now I’m excited that we’ll learn NLP to serve the society better.” He made sure that the program runs interactive and becomes NLP-in-action, filled with activities and exercises. Then the workshop commenced with the introduction of the topic by chief guest, Prof. Ashish Ghosh, ISI, Kolkata, and guest of honor, Dr. Susmita Ghosh, Jadavpur University. Dr. Ashish Ghosh defined Digital Humanities as something “for the society” and not “social studies per se.” Dr. Susmita Ghosh told, “Computer hardware has improved leaps and bounds since Deep Blue defeated Kasparov. The challenge now is to improve the existing algorithms, and create new and better algorithms for the Digital Humanities.”

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