New Zealand-based Odia girl Suravi Patnaik featured in Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible series

Bhubaneswar: New Zealand-based Odia girl Suravi Patnaik featured in the blockbuster flick from the popular Mission Impossible series. Cuttack-born Suravi is an IT consultant who has moved to New Zealand a few years ago.

The film that has currently grossed over $438 million at the box office, returns with the popular cast Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg for its sixth installment with shooting locations spanning across several countries, including Paris, UK, New Zealand and Norway.

The film’s shooting in New Zealand captured a Kashmiri village that forms part of the thrilling climax of the final installment. The precise location of the Kashmiri setup was up on the hills of the Southern Alps in a small area called Rees Valley. The shot that features Suravi took place last summer in June 2017 with 300 Kiwi Indians getting the opportunity to work alongside the stellar star cast and the experienced Cruise, doing the dramatic helicopter chase stunts through the beautiful New Zealand landscape.

Suravi, along with the other extras also received a memoir coin from Henry Cavill along with a thank you letter.

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