National Youth Day organised at Kandhamal

Report by Narendra Mohanty, Phulbani: On the occasion of National Youth Day as well as Birth Day of Swami Vivekananda, meeting and procession of student and youths has been organised today at Kandhamal by Campaign for Peace with the association of Rushimal College of Brahminigaon.
More than 500 students and organizers of Campaign For Peace organized a colorful procession from the campus of Rushimal Mahavidyalay and marched to the market area with patriotic song and slogans. The procession was led by Narendra Mohanty, Bijay Swain, Balabhadra Mallick, Debendra Mantry, Amos Majhi. Sishu Mallick, Rabichandra Padra, Sukla Majhi, Jagabandhu Badamajhi, Manuel Majhi , Rabindra Kumar Padhi(PET) and others.
After the end of procession a meeting was organized within the college campus and presided by Mr. Narendra Mohanty, Secretary of  Campaign for Peace and the speakers like Mr. Bhaskar Chandra Nayak, Principal of Rushimal +3 College, Mahammed Abdul Sukur, President of Campaign for Peace, Mr. Rajkishore Singh, lecturer of History, Mr. Santosh Kumar Nahak, Lecturer of Economics, Mr. Milan Beherapatra, Lecturer of Odia were spoke on this occasion.
They urged the students to come forward and fight against injustice with a human approach and to establish the truth and justice as a learning from the ideology of Swami Vivekananda.

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