Nandankanan Cycle Trail Presents a Beautiful Experience for Nature Lovers


Bhubaneswar – Emphasizing the need for conservation of green space and environment friendly modes of transportation such as cycling in the smart city, Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has come up with Cycle trails as a part of Bhubnaeswar Nature Walks. Curated by Playbook consultancy, the nature walk series has been received with great enthusiasm by the city dwellers of all age groups.

This after noon saw a group of avid cyclists riding through the gardens of NandanKanan Zoological Park. The cycling trail started at the main gate of Nandakanan and ended at the Glass House. Cyclists were enthralled by the beauty of the rose garden with 55 different varieties of roses and 1200 plants in total. The cyclists pedaled around the Botanical garden witnessing an array of winter blossoms. They were briefed about the history of the park and the variety of gardens by the Assistant Conservator of Forest, State Botanical Garden, GirishSathpathy.

The Botanical garden, spread over an area of 75 hectares, covers 24 different satellite gardens and parks amalgamated well with natural vegetation and meadows.The butterfly park located within the premises, has 6400 butterfly dependent plants and more than 81 species of butterflies.

Pedalling up a steep incline, the participants reached the Rosarium or Rose Garden where they were left awestruck by the crimson carpet of roses anda 1200 distinct varieties of roses. Another special attraction for the cyclists was the glass house, a star attraction for its gems of succulent plants. The glass house, is a 2013 square feet area housing succulent plants adding beauty to the entire set up.

Other point attractions include the dry garden and the exquisite collection of cacti. Butterfly park with its unique collection of butterfly dependent plants left the visitors delighted and eager to return for more of such guided trails.The motley of bonsais startled the visitors and amassed great appreciation from the young enthusiasts. The carnivorous garden exhibits four different kinds of plants.

The ACO also informed the walkers and cyclists about the carnivorous plants garden and the various plants on display. On the way back to the starting point, the nature lovers cycled along the turquoise Kanji lake, with a brief stop nearby to witness the most mesmerizing reflection of the winter sunset and were thrilled to spot a variety of smaller birds nestingnear the marshes of the water body.

The Nandankaran cycle trail is 2 hours long and starts at 3.30 pm till 5.30 pm beginning at Nandakanan Zoological Park and ending at the Glass House. All you need to do is log on to and sign up to truly experience the magic of nature.


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