Must visit places in Thailand

Must visit places in Thailand

Want to visit a place that is the total package for all age groups? If yes, you should pack your bags for a trip to Thailand immediately. If the hotel tariffs worry you more than the flight fares, don’t worry, Thailand Beach vacation rentals are here to make your holiday a memorable one. Thailand is a country that is bestowed with natural beauty. It has many places to visit. It offers the best amalgamation of beautiful days and attractive nights. This list provides you with the must-visit places to plan a perfect vacation.


Bangkok is the place that tops the list of vacation places of Thailand. The place satisfies anyone’s budget. There are umpteen numbers of places in Bangkok and it can take more than a week to actually visit all the sightseeing locales. This is the list of places that should be there on your travel agenda.

  • Grand Palace

This place is sure to make your jaw drop. The huge statue of Buddha carved out of a single emerald stone takes the center stage. The Grand Palace was the home to the rulers of Thailand. Though the royal lineage does not accommodate the palace anymore, auspicious occasions are still held there. The palace is considered to be the most sacred place of Thailand.  Filled with intricate detailing in the towers of the temple complex and its awe-spiring architecture, the palace is a great feast for the eyes as well as to the soul.

  • Floating Markets

Bored of having foods in fancy dimly lit restaurants, then try out these local foods that are sold in these floating markets. These markets operate up to night. So, this isn’t a problem for the night owls. The early birds can visit the other places of the city and proceed towards the market in the evening to relish a huge bowl of freshly cut tropical fruits and vegetables. There are about 5 floating markets in and around Bangkok. You can visit any one or all of these depending on your time and monetary availability.

  • Chatuchak Market

The Chatuchak Market is the place for all those who love to shop until they drop. The market is spread across sprawling 35 acres and has more than 8000 stalls. The best time to visit the market is during the weekends where you get some crazy deals. The stalls range from clothes, antiques, books, pets to anything you would use on a daily basis. It is easy to get lost in this bustling market due to the variety it has to offer. This should definitely be on your list as the place can provide you with prices 5 to 6 times cheaper than anywhere else across the Asian continent.

  • Khao San Road and Soi Cowboy

These are the sites you must go if you are a party person and love clubbing. The place has a lot of bars and eateries to have a laidback time with your loved ones.


Pattaya was once a sleepy town located about 200 km from Bangkok. The place has recently developed into a tourist hub and became a haven of legal sex tourism. This place is not generally advised to visit along with families though there are certain sights that one should never miss out on their trip to Thailand. Few are listed below:

  • Underwater World Pattaya

Swim alongside dolphins and other cute sea creatures. This is sure to be an exciting ride for the kids and the adults alike. One can go for the watersport activities like paragliding, diving etc.

  • Sanctuary of Truth

This is a must visit for all the architecture lovers. The place is carved out of intricate wooden carving. It is also mentioned to be the recreation of heaven on earth. The place is dedicated to the ancient traditions and religions of the world, all together. A great sight to feel the aura of peace and tranquility.

If you are planning a longer trip and you are a nature lover, then you should never miss out these places.

Phi-Phi Islands

Phi-Phi is a group of islands located between Phuket and Malacca. If you want to connect with nature more after having a hint of history and wild partying, then you must visit Phi Phi for the splendid beauty it has to offer.

  • Viking Caves

These are the natural limestone caves that can be reached by a long boat. The aura of the caves is so mesmerizing. The boat ride is so peaceful in itself.

  • Maya Bay

Fine sand, emerald water beaches dotted with rich flora and fauna all throughout the year makes the scenic location the best option for a postcard. If you wish to have some me time, then you should be visiting Maya Bay for sure.

  • Diving, Rock Climbing, and Shark Watching

Sports adventures and Thailand are inseparable. To have a break from the waters, Phi Phi Islands also provides you with the option to go for a rock climbing. Diving in these crystal-clear waters is a pleasure in itself.


Located very close to PhiPhi islands, actually, Phi Phi islands are said to come under the provinces of Phuket. A beautiful place that is a mixture of all sorts. You can witness some scintillating stage performances, do island hopping, shop to your heart’s desire at the night markets and the list goes on. Phuket is a mini Thailand.

These places would have definitely made you go gaga over Thailand that you are waiting to visit this grandeur and God’s blessing upon the earth.

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