Mothers Day Theme in Patha Utsav; Janpath paid tribute to the Value and Dedication of Mothers

Bhubaneswar: The 25th Patha Utsav today dedicated to the countless mother’s who nourished this world with her love, dedication and selfless service. Patha Utsav today saw a sea of visitors on the Janpath participating in various activities dedicated to the soul, which brings us to the earth, nurture and make us self-dependent to face the challenges of life.The event was full of thanks giving activities to all mothers as kids and elders were engaged in the activities in which mothers were the epicentre.
Starting from the backdrops of the stage to the street sides of the Janpath a number of activities seen on Mother’s Day theme today.

Artists reflected their love to mothers through Rangoli and street art. Painters brushed on the canvas on the sweet and beautiful faces of mothers and created lovely paintings. Social Service organisations had a number of activities on mother’s day theme.
The Wish Foundation had organised one competition like short games, quiz and songs among women and distributed prizes. On this occasion young girls performed Odissi dances on the street side at the activity zone near the Wish Foundation Corner.
The PECUC organisation’s volunteers displayed placards on Mother’s day theme and created awareness on value of women.
While Neha Niharika the famous voice India Kids star sang soulful songs at the main stage, at the Ram Mandir side stage students of Monteswari School gave a spellbound performance through their dance show. The Murchana group, Ama Kalakar group and Bhajan Sagar organisation attracted participants for long hours.
At the activity zone an awareness rally marched from Master Canteen to Ram Mandir on E-Waste management by Nasscomm foundation and Digital India scheme of Government of India. They appealed participants on how our household e-waste could lead to a hazardous situations and by managing effectively we can save our environment.
The Bakul Libray today was full of kids in its readers list, small children seen reading comic books. At the Sahaja Yoga corner senior citizens engaged themselves with Yoga and Pranayam.

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