Mohammed Shami Exclusive Interview on News18 India


Team India’s fast bowler, Mohammad Shami is currently in the news due to serious allegations levied by his wife, Hasin Jahan and everyday new revelations are made in this case.

Leveling serious allegations against Shami of forcing into physical relation with his brother, his having illicit relations with other girls and attempt to murder, Hasin Jahan has also lodged a FIR in Kolkata.

In an exclusive interview with News18 India, Mohammad Shami talked on various issues associated with this controversy. Talking about Hasin Jahan’s allegation of assault, Shami said, “She has put numerous allegations. Now she has to prove that all these allegations are true. Because she, too cannot ignore the proofs and materials that I would provide to you. She cannot deny that this did not happen. If so, why was it not earlier? Her version is that my family has been torturing her for last 3-4 years, then why it did not crop up earlier!”

Mohammad Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan has also made several allegations regarding Shami’s elder brother Mohammad. Talking about this, he told, “Everybody knows Mohammad Bhai. The entire Indian cricket team knows him. The allegations she is making, you might have observed that one day earlier. She also said that Mohammad Bhai regularly offers prayer five times a day. His family also offers prayer five times a day. He even offers prayer wherever he travels. There cannot a better man than him. The next day she proved him a fixer. She herself knows him very well. When she travels to England, he picks her up from the airport. She goes for dinner with him along with his family. She even goes out for shopping with his family, visits their place. Not only this, when she returns, Mohammad along with his wife travels from Manchester to London to drop her. Today she says that Mohammad Bhai is a fixer.”

The biggest accusation against Shami is of manipulation. Relating about social media chats, he said, “So far chats and messages are concerned, this has become very easy on social media today. The password of all my social media accounts is with her and she can do anything [with it].

On questioning as to how would he prove that these allegations are false, Shami said, “I need not prove it, she has to prove it”. Hasin Jahan has also leveled very serious allegations regarding one Pakistani girl. Speaking about these allegations, Shami said, “there are numerous fans & friends. There is a way of looking. As Hasin Jahan has made false stories linking me with many girls & even named them, I will not name any, I will not defame any one like her. She has crossed the limit, she has even accused a maid working in the house. Since the day of marriage she gets suspicious even when I talk to my mother, my sister-in-law (brother’s wife), my sister. If I talk to some relatives in the vicinity, she suspects. The suspicion has gone to the extent that, no surprise, she may tell some day that I was talking with somebody and in that too I had some interests.”

Speaking about the dispute regarding money, the fast bowler, Shami said, “So far the number is concerned, there is no question of adding to the account, because my money comes direct from BCCI and the accounts which are linked to BCCI. Be it IPL or domestic, you can find everything in the records, how much amount comes every month. In cash, it comes for the domestic expenses. One personal debit card that I have, she uses it. You can verify, wherever she goes, that is used. Second thing, my signed blank cheques are with her. Amount filled in cheques are with her. My account is in the same Bank where her account is. Transfers are also made from my account to her account. So far the question of giving money is concerned, you can see the transaction. During last 8 months to one year, expenses of almost one to one and a quarter crore of rupees are incurred on her. She says that she does not get anything beyond the domestic expenses. You take out my photos and see, all the pictures sent, all the pictures of the items sent, the pictures of gold, the pictures of diamond, the pictures of shopping are there were bought by me for her. Though she has taken [insurance] policies, land is in her name, house is in her name, she lives alone in the house. Three servants, one driver, four vehicles are with her, then wherefrom [I should bring], should I sacrifice my life?”

As regards to saving his family against the grave charges of rape and domestic violence, Shami said, “I am ready to bow my head for my daughter and to save my family” He also stated, “For saving my family and for the future of my daughter if I have to behead myself, I will do it, but if anyone will make false allegations then that person will have to prove it.”

In this exclusive interview with News18 India, Shami also told that the entire affair is a conspiracy of someone else, “I still say that this is not the deed of Hasin. This is certainly a plan of a third party, may be the happiness of my family is intolerable, may be it can be because of the greed of money.”

Revealing about the first marriage of his wife, Hasin, Shami said, “We were happy even when I learnt about the marriage. She has a baby girl from that marriage. I was supporting her concealing this fact from my family members, from the world, and today this is the result of all that.”

He further told, “At the time of marriage, I did not know that she was already married, and when I learnt it, even then I accepted it. My family does not know even today. You can enquire with the whole area where I live, she herself told that the baby is her sister’s daughter and told the same to me as well earlier that she was her sister’s daughter. Still I bear her expenses even today, shop for them, everything that a father does. You can see my records, there would be no city, no country from where I have not brought some gifts for these children, despite that I got this in return.”

Even now Shami wants compromise with his wife. Talking about this, he said, “I have requested Hasin for four days. I still say if begging an apology secures the future of my daughter, I am ready. I am ready to say sorry, but will not take the blames on my head.”

Due to family dispute, many questions have arose on Shami’s career too. On probing about BCCI’s decision, Shami said, “As regards to BCCI’s probing about the issue, I have full faith in them, they will have a thorough investigation. I want that they enquire into it deeply and bring the results sooner than later.”

“There is a big question as to my cricket career, if the allegations are proved against me you can hang me anywhere, anytime”, Shami said further.

Hasin Jahan has leveled allegation of match fixing also, against a bowler of this level. Clarifying on this topic, Shami said, “As regards the question of fixing, the perpetrators evade, there was no fault in my mind, nor is it and neither will it be. I am myself willing, I appeal to the people, to the BCCI, to the anti-corruption [department] that I am with them in this investigation. BCCI will investigate in my favor only because I have not committed any wrong.”

IPL is just round the corner. In such a scenario, if Shami has to choose between cricket and his family, Shami said, “If such a situation crops up that I have to choose one between my family and cricket, I will choose my family because I can work hard to earn, but cannot purchase a family with the earnings.”


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