“Millets Reaching Households: How OMM is making the most of Odisha’s Millets Potential”


Bhubaneswar : Understanding consumer needs and catering to their varied needs is vital for the smooth functioning of any organisation. Sustaining those needs, the Odisha Millets Mission has always found better and innovative ways to reach out to consumers.Since its inception in 2017, the mission embarked on a transformative journey, championing healthier lifestyles, empowering farmers, and uplifting women while keeping an unwavering eye on its audience. Whether it be through various interactive workshops, their Multi-cuisine cafes, or through the Millets Shakti brand, Odisha Millets Mission keeps churning out creative strategies to market the health-filled initiative.

Throughout its journey, Odisha Millets Mission has adopted an inclusive approach where it tends to collaborate with talented people from diverse backgrounds on a ground level. This has helped convey the core message in an easier and far more feasible manner. Collaborating with Mission Shakti can be considered the most significant of it all.

The joint efforts of these two initiatives have led to the creation of a millet brand named Millets Shakti, through which several women entrepreneurs are manufacturing and selling their products directly to their customers. Providing a platform to sell these products, various cafes, kiosks and outlets are also fast spreading across the State, making millets more accessible and increasing their overall consumption. This has led to the upliftment of women as well, who are now able to share the fiscal responsibilities of their households.

While communicating the message is important, it is crucial to understand the demographics of the target audience. With almost 34% of the population being below 18 years of age, it is necessary to target and influence these children to make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices. Odisha Millets Mission has recognised the need to target this demographic and came up with its own ambassador.

Millets Girl Milli has been an active mascot for the Odisha Millets Mission, emerging in various infomercials and advertisements by the mission. The mascot is said to be quick and smart as she eats millets and appears in different avatars showcasing her active-dynamic nature. This serves as a perfect example for children who aren’t used to consuming millets regularly.

Odisha Millets Mission has employed various channels to take millets to consumers. This has led to a significant rise in consumer awareness and interest around Odisha’s Millets. These personalised approaches have helped create a buzz at a domestic level, regularising the use of millets as a staple substitute with great health benefits for all age groups.

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