Milk Mantra takes milk to the next level, launches ‘Milky Moo Super’

Bhubaneswar: Taking a significant step towards a healthier Odisha, Dairy Major Milk Mantra has launched‘Milky Moo Super’ as part of its fresh milk portfolio. With added Vitamin A & D and 4.2% fats through fortification process, SUPER will be available in 500 ml pouches across Odisha. Srikumar Misra, Founder and MD of Milk Mantra along with Ollywood Superstar Anubhav Mohanty, the Brand Ambassador of SUPER introduced this Super Nutrition product during a launch event here at Bhubaneswar.
Fortified Milk can help micronutrients consumption in a person.According to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and the National Institute of Nutrition, about 70% Indians are deficient in Vitamin D, while 30% are deficient in Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency is estimated to be the highest in pre-school children at about 44-50%. In an effort to bridge this gap, Milk Mantra has developed this newer version of milk through fortification in which small quantities of vitamins and minerals are added to the milk to increase the micronutrient count in the body.
Enhanced 4.2% fat in SUPER is going to be very helpful for growing kids and youngsters both physically and mentally as Milk fat is not only a source of bioactive lipid components, it also serves as an important delivery medium for nutrients, including the fat-soluble vitamins.
Expressing his thought behind SUPER, Founder and Managing Director of Milk Mantra, Srikumar Misra said, “Nutrition and innovation is in our DNA. Increasingly due to lifestyle and unhealthy diets, nutrition deficiency is on the increase, not just for children, but for a large number of adults too. Milk is the perfect vehicle through which Vitamin A&D can be reached to consumers. There is a new health trend nowadays for creamier and thicker products and with only 6 months of research and hard work the team has developed this SUPER product for the consumers of Odisha and we believe this will be an important step in our mission to make Odisha SuperFit”
The SUPER launch was done through an informative talk show – ‘Odisha SUPER Fit’ where Srikumar Misra and Brand Ambassador Anubhav Mohanty spoke about ‘Milk nutrition and fitness for people of Odisha’. Speaking on this Anubhav Mohanty said, “I have been a consumer of Milky Moo Milk for many years now and am happy to be the face of their new product Super. Today people are fitness conscious and a product like SUPER can be extremely beneficial for them.There are misconceptions in the minds of people that to be healthy we have to focus on physical exercise only, it is equally important to have a fit mind and consume nutritious products; milk is especially important for young people and I wish Milky Moo Super was launched earlier as it would have helped me in my fitness regime all these years!”

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