Manas Kumar Sahoo made sand sculpture for voting awareness

Puri: International sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has made a sand sculpture to create awareness among people to make the proper use of one’s most valuable vote.

International sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo is spreading awareness among people through the sand art made at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park on golden sea-beach situated at the Baliapanda Light House, on the theme of “vote for better India”.

In this art, the artist is appealing people to realize the value of one’s vote and one should also vote and make a better India. People should vote the right candidate without getting influenced by any other factor. And one should understand one’s duties and responsibilities towards the nation and help to build a strong and developed country.

This sand art is of 20 feet in width and some 15 tonnes of sand is used to make it. It took nearly seven hours to finish this sand art. “Vote for a better India” is the message the artist is giving to society.

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