Legendary Composer Jatin Pandit and his talented son, Raahul Jatin team up on a spiritual song, ‘Prabhu Hum Ko Shama Kar’, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

New Delhi: Father son duo, Jatin Pandit and Raahul Jatin come together in a never-seen-before collaboration to create a heart wrenching number, appealing to all of humanity to take care of the less fortunate. The song titled Prabhu Hum Ko Shama Kar, poignantly captures the biggest crisis that humanity is suffering – Coronavirus led Covid-19, pandemic. Penned and composed by ace music director, Jatin Pandit, music produced by Raahul and it is sung by both Jatin and Raahul.

The song was shot at home adhering to all social distancing norms laid by Government of India. It features Jatin and Raahul in white attires as a mark of peace and harmony that they are seeking for the world through the song. The lyrics summarize the suffering of millions of people, loss of livelihood, homes and above all lives. From the depths of their heart they are appealing to the Almighty for a cure and redressal from abject poverty that a large section of people are pushed into due to the pandemic.

Speaking about the song, Jatin Pandit stated, “I had set out to compose a romantic track on the lines of Pehla Nasha upon a request from my producer friend. I have genuinely been very heavy hearted with the situation we are facing today and despite sitting for hours, I just could not get to thinking romantic because this has been weighing upon me. As I kept sitting there, infront of my instruments, all I could think of is how millions of people are suffering all over the country and the world at large. This is when I wrote the song and started humming, when Raahul walked in”.

“I heard my dad humming the melody and I picked up his note book to read the lyrics, I joined him in to sing the song and I realized that this should reach everyone, it must be recorded. I felt a sudden sense of calm and strength while singing the song and instantly felt that everyone needed that dose of calmness and above all strength. We got to the recording and in a few hours Prabhu Hum Ko Shama Kar was reverberating in our studio. I finished the music programming part of the song and it sounded divine”, said Raahul while talking about the song.

Visuals used in the song are stock images that were procured and edited alongside the duo’s singing. Raahul Jatin made his debut last year with a single, Aankhon Ke Ishaare released by Zee Music that caught millions of eye-balls.

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