Launching of Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) was launched by Shri Ajay Tirkey, Secretary, Department of Land Resources (DoLR), Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Govt. of India(GoI) and Shri Bishnupada Sethi, Principal Secretary, Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Govt. of Odisha on 24th March, 2020 at 4.00 PM. Odisha is a pioneer state in the best practices pertaining to land records and was selected for piloting of Unique Land Parcel Identification Number(ULPIN). This unique 14 digit number has ownership details of the plot besides its size and longitudinal and latitudinal attributes up to Tahasil level and beyond.
ULPIN would be a single and authoritative source of truth of information for any parcel of land or property which can be used by any organization consuming land related information.
Benefits of ULPIN are multitudinous. The single source of truth can authenticate the ownership and which in turn can end the dubious ownership of land. Through this, Govt Lands can be easily identified and protection of Govt. land from shabby land transaction will be seamless. Standardization at data and application level will bring effective integration of various stakeholders and interoperability across Governments. Data analytics will be easier and this is in compliance to international standards like Standard Electronic Commerce Code Management Association. ULPIN will provide an open, transparent and efficient process for the development and maintenance of land records. All issues related to collection of taxes and ownership of the plot can be traced using one single number. Land is often used as collateral for loans taken by farmers and unclear land deals inhibit their capacity to do so. ULPIN can be implemented in both cases, with and without Geo-referencing though primarily, it works with Geo-referencing.
In Odisha, ULPIN has been rolled out in three villages namely Barkhandia and Kandeijori of DeogarhTahasil and Barakholof Riamal Tahasilall in Deogarh district on a pilot basis. All these villages have been geo-referenced.
Shri Sailendra Dwivedi, Additional Secretary, Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Govt of Odisha conducted the program. Welcome address was delivered by Shri Sashadhar Nayak, DLR&S, Odisha. Secretary, DoLR, MoRD, GoI and Principal Secretary, Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Govt of Odisha jointly launched ULPIN. Senior Technical Director of NIC, Bhubaneswar made a short presentation on ULPIN. Secretary, DoLR, MoRD and Principal Secretary, Revenue & DM Department outlined the vision and implementation details of ULPIN along with its numerous benefits.Principal Secretary, Revenue & DM Department reiterated how the State has been a frontrunner State in the country and hoped that with launching of ULPIN, the facility would add to the window of opportunities and take the State forward in streamlining good practices for Citizens. Additional Secretary, DoLR, MoRD, GoI complimented Odisha as a frontrunner State on land administration. Secretary, DoLR, MoRD, GoI applauded the stupendous performance of Odisha pertaining to various components like digitization of textual records, digitization of cadastral maps, integration of textual and spatial records, computerization of SROs, integration of SROs with mutation office among others. He expected that the program would be rolled out across the State to reap rich dividend. Joint Secretary, Revenue & DM Department, Govt. of Odisha proposed vote of thanks to all participants.