Launch of Epic Odia Music Video ‘Subharambha’: A unique campaign to bring back lost sense of Odia pride

Bhubaneswar: Every year, a dozen Odia Music Videos get released on ‘Utkala Dibasa’ (Odisha Foundation day). This year was no exception. But what comes as a real surprise is the Epic Music Video ‘Subharambha’ which was launched on ‘Panaa Sankranti’ (Odia New Year) to mark a whole new beginning of Odia identity and content creation. And true to it’s spirit, within no time, the video has taken the social media by storm.
The maiden music video of ‘Uttisthata Jagrata’ campaign named “Subharambha” ,based on Pandit Godabarisha Mahapatra’s timeless classic “Utha Kankala” has been released on Youtube on 14th April 2019 (Odia New Year).
Produced by Panchabati Srujanalaya in association with Jeypore Film Company the music video “Subharambha” has been conceived by Tosh Nanda & directed by Vishal Patnaik (Odisha state award winning director for film ‘Chondalo’) with award-winning film production company ‘BnR Films’ being the official Publicity Partner.
Sri Tosh Nanda, the convener of ‘Uttisthata Jagrata’ campaign, who is also the Music Composer,Singer,Editor and Project designer says, “The sole objective of ‘Uttisthata Jagrata’ Campaign & Panchabati Srujanalaya is to rejuvenate the lost sense of pride in every Odia’s heart for their culture & roots using the medium of cinema. We intend to make more such Odia classics into Music Videos & Cinema to preserve it for the generations to come .This literature & values are neither available in syllabus for today’s school goers nor the kids of today have the time to read about their culture and roots. The medium of cinema is the most effective path into the next gen Odia’s heart.
Over 30 distinctive artists, cultural activists & Swabhimani Odias from all over Jeypore have given their sweat into “Subharambha” irrespective of caste, creed & religion. Thanks to everyone associated with this project, within 48 Hours of release, the video has achieved over 5000 views on Youtube and has received phenomenal response from both the audience and critics alike. The audience has unanimously embraced “Subharambha” as a very positive sign for both the Music & film industries alike. Critics have thoroughly appreciated the concept, acting, Direction, Music, Cinematography, Editing, VFX, Production Design, well, almost all technical aspects. While we humbly thank the audience, we feel, this is still just the ‘Subharambha’ (auspicious beginning) as we set sail for this challenging journey to achieve global identity for Odias.”
Link to Odia Music Video ‘Subharambha’:
Regarding the project, Biswanath Rath (CEO, BnR Films) says, ‘’We strongly believe Subharambha’ is not just a project, but the beginning of a revolution, a revolution which was waiting to unleash itself in an epic way. And it has been an absolute honour for us to be associated with this revolution. What makes ‘Subharambha’ special? Is it the music, the cinematography, the Production design or the visualization? Well, there is absolutely no doubt about the technical brilliance, the team has achieved because of their awe-inspiring dedication. But as per me, what makes it special is the fact that this has been conceptualized and executed by a very young team from a remote town like Jeypore, my hometown. Probably, its much easier to envision such a project in a place like Bhubaneswar or Cuttack or any other city in India, thanks to the easy availability of industry professionals and studios. However conceptualizing and realizing a project of such scale and grandeur in Jeypore is unprecedented as it demands guts. The fact that the team has not just taken up this extraordinary challenge but has also exceeded all expectations with their performance and unstoppable energy will go a long way in inspiring artists and fim makers from Koraput region or even from all over Odisha.
Promoting Art & Artists has always been our humble mission. As the Publicity Partner, we aspire to take this video to each and every corner of the globe and to show it to every Odia. Soon, we are going to organize public screenings of the video in various Odia forums across the world.”

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