Khanan Prahari App Helping to Curb Illegal Coal Mining Activities Through Public Participation

The mobile app Khanan Prahari, which allows citizens to report incidents of illegal coal mining through geo-tagged photographs and textual information, is a significant step taken by the Ministry of Coal towards curbing illegal coal mining activities. The corresponding web portal called as Coal Mine Surveillance & Management System (CMSMS) has been developed in association with the Bhaskaracharya Institute of Space Application & Geoinformatics, Gandhinagar, and CMPDI, Ranchi.


Illegal coal mining poses a threat to the environment, the lives of those involved in illegal mining, and the general decay in the traditional subsistence base and the country’s economy. The government aims to take transparent action against illegal mining, using space technology, as an e-Governance initiative. The government recognizes the importance of public participation in combating this menace. The Khanan Prahari mobile app serves as a powerful tool for citizens to contribute to the fight against illegal coal mining.

The objective of the Khanan Prahari mobile app and CMSMS web portal is to encourage public participation through reporting about illegal coal mining.

Key features of the Khanan Prahari mobile app include:

Reporting Incidents: Users can easily report incidents of illegal mining by taking photographs and providing comments on the incident. The app allows for the geotagging of photographs by enabling the GPS location feature.

Confidentiality: The user’s identity is kept confidential, ensuring privacy and security.

Complaint Tracking: Complainants receive a complaint number, which they can use to easily track the status of their reported complaints on the Khanan Prahari mobile app.

So far, the Khanan Prahari mobile app has received a significant response, with a total of 483 complaints registered. Out of these, 78 complaints have been verified as accurate and appropriate actions have been taken accordingly. The Khanan Prahari mobile app is available for download on Google’s Play Store for Android-based mobile phones and the Apple Store for iOS-supported iPhones.


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