Kalyan Jewellers’ unveils the 4-Level Assurance plan

New Delhi: Kalyan Jewellers, one of India’s largest and most preferred jeweller, has unveiled the 4-Level Assurance initiative, to continue enhancing the brand’s commitment towards offering only the very best to its loyalists. In keeping with the legacy of trust associated with the brand, Kalyan Jewellers will also be offering patrons the 4-level assurance certificate.
While jewellery retailed at Kalyan Jewellers goes through multiple purity tests and are all BIS hallmarked, the 4-level assurance certificate promises customers payment on the value of purity mentioned in the invoice during exchange or resale. Kalyan Jewellers understands the sentiments of its patrons, and will provide free lifetime maintenance of ornaments purchased at any of our showrooms in India.
As a brand known for its fair and transparent business practices, the product information section under 4-level Assurance clarifies that customers are charged gold rate only on the total value of the gold used, after deducting the weight of other materials like lac, gemstones, glass, wood, enamel etc, from the total weight of the product. In addition to this, Kalyan Jewellers also promises great value on exchange and resale of jewellery.
Speaking on this initiative Mr. T S Kalyanaraman, Chairman & Managing Director, Kalyan Jewellers said, “The evolution of Kalyan Jewellers from a single showroom to a global brand was on the foundation of our core value of trust and transparency. Since our inception 26 years ago, Kalyan Jewellers has been able to carve a unique identity for itself as a brand that offers impeccable designs, assured quality, right pricing and unmatched retail experience to all our customers. Little known is the fact that this brand has also pioneered multiple customer-centric initiatives like BIS hallmarking, introduction of rate tags, IGA certification for diamonds & other gemstone stone jewellery, all of which have since become industry norms. This 4-level Assurance Certificate on gold jewellery is another premise to reiterate our commitment towards our patrons.”
The 4-level certificate will be applicable across all Kalyan showrooms in India from August 1st, 2019. Existing customers can walk into any Kalyan Jewellers showroom with their jewellery to have them re-evaluated and 4-level assurance stamped. A similar certification has already been implemented for diamonds and gemstone jewellery at Kalyan Jewellers. The jewellery brand is also running a media campaign about this 4-level assurance certification.

Customer satisfaction remains Kalyan’s first priority and to its patrons, the brand offers a wide array of traditional and contemporary jewellery designs in gold, diamonds and gemstones catering to the distinct needs of every customer.

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