Kalinga Literary Festival Campus organized at IIMC

Cultural and philosophical roots are priceless: Prof Shantanu Acharya
Dhenkanal: “Deep within the modern Indian society, the cultural and philosophical heritage of this country is still alive. Indian society and culture are based on the rich ancient philosophy and science of Vedas and sages. These make India what it is in a true sense.” These were the words of Professor Shantanu Acharya who deliberated on ‘knowledge and society’ here at Indian Institute of Mass Communication on the occasion of Kalinga Literary Festival Campus on Friday.
The one-day event was being organized in association with Odisha Info Service Limited and Odisha Diary Foundation. National Sahitya Academy Award Winning writer Professor Shantanu Acharya answered a number of question asked by students and faculty members in an interactive session. Answering a question, he said, “Though the physical shape of Indian society has changed, the core principles of the great ancient culture are very much alive. This is the real reason why ideologies like communism could not deepen their roots in India while Gandhian philosophy is hailed across the world. It is simply because Gandhian policy is entirely based on the core Indian philosophy and is compatible with our society.”

In another session, Regional Director of IIMC Dhenkanal and Assistant Professor Dr. Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra deliberated on the topic ‘Adaption of literature into cinema’. Speaking on this topic, Prof Chatterjee said, “While adapting literary classics into feature films, the makers have to keep the soul of the story intact. Of course, the physical shape of the story changes due to logistical reason, but if the director can recreate the emotion and intellectual impact, that can make the creation immortal.”
Dr. Mohapatra, on the other, had explained how Odia literature has been showcased on the silver screen. “It takes a huge sum of capital to produce and distribute a film these days. Hence, adapting a literary classic has become a risky affair. In order to ensure profit on their investments, producers are counting on contemporary writers who can write so-called commercial films,” said Dr. Mohapatra.
A poetry session and cultural performances were also held on this occasion. Apart from the students and faculty members of the institute, senior media academician Professor Subir Ghosh and literature enthusiasts from across Odisha also participated in the programme.


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