JSW Paints unveils Dravida range to recreate the opulence of southern temples’ at home

New Delhi: JSW Paints, India’s leading eco-friendly paints company & part of US$ 14 billion JSW Group has rolled-out its unique explorer range – Dravida for home interiors and exteriors. Inspired by the 16th century Dravidian décor of famous Hindu temple architecture in southern India (like The Brihadeeswara, Murugan & Annamalaiyar Temples in Tamil Nadu; Doddabasappa, Vijaya Vitthala, Keshava Temples in Karnataka etc) the Dravida range is a palette of 12 distinctive earthy yellow color shades. The range is specifically curated for home interiors & exteriors and is part of the company’s summer range.

Commenting on the roll-out of Dravida shades, Mr A. S Sundaresan, Joint MD & CEO of JSW Paints said, “We undertook extensive research to understand the cultural trends around colour in Indian as well as international markets. The rich insights gained from this research formed an intrinsic element in making Colourvista a unique offering. Dravida is part of the broader Colourvista range offered by JSW Paints. Our research points to the Dravidian décor as a defining part of the temple architecture in South India. Thus, our Dravida range is distinctively tempered with rustic earthen color tones to lend a warm and inviting look to home exteriors. The collection consists of a dozen shades of fresh & earthy yellow color tones with tasteful bold hues that aim to captivate yet blend seamlessly with the surrounding ambience. They can be best applied in a combination of two or more colors.”

According to oral legacy, the Dravidian temple décor reached its creative zenith in the 16th century with its tall towers or vamanas, elaborate sculptures and intricate inscriptions all coming together to form a multifaceted layered look. The temple’s architecture and décor was replicated by several kingdoms and empires ranging from the Cholas to the Cheras and even the Vijayanagara empire.

JSW Paints being a thoughtful paint company, aims to create beautiful experiences for its customers. In tune with this, its entire business and brand proposition is based on thoughtful interventions across colour, customer assistance, packaging and manufacturing. JSW Paints’ brand promise of Simple, Swift & Sure is delivered through its water-based colours for homes. It is the only paints company in India with an all water based decorative paints portfolio. JSW Paints does not use any solvents, are low on VOC and family-friendly. Additionally, the colourants for tinting the paints are also water based and low on VOC. Its consumer portfolio is tested and certified for world class performance with a unique life expectancy indicator of three, five or seven years.

JSW Paints also aims to be a differentiator in the market with its path-breaking promise of ‘Any Color, One Price’ proposition – a first for any paints company in India with all colour in a product line being offered at one price. This is the first time an Indian paint company is bringing such pricing transparency as a thoughtful intervention to Indian consumers.

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