JSW Group combines distribution & supply chain of Steel & Cement businesses as JSW One

Bhubaneswar: JSW Group, the US$ 12 billion Indian conglomerate, is combining its distribution and supply chain expertise across the Steel & Cement businesses under an integrated JSW One initiative. JSW Group has presence in Steel, Cement & Paints business in India. All these three products have a common set of customers as theyare essential in building a home. In order to reach out to these common set of consumers & channel partners, an integrated effort is being mobilized through this unique initiative.

JSW One has commenced operations in the East Region and will be scaled-up pan-India over the next couple of years. Itwill derive synergies to benefit boththe Steel &Cement businesses by streamlining and maximizing the depth and expanse of JSW Group’s sales and supply chain network. JSW One will also combine the Group’s expertise across product portfolio to provide comprehensive service capability to its customers.

Commenting on the launch of JSW One initiative, Mr. Parth Jindal, Managing Director of JSW Cement said,“At JSW Group, we are on a mission to make India BetterEveryday. Keeping this purposein mind, we have launched JSW One to leverage our Group’s distribution, supply chain and product synergies across both the Steel and Cement businesses. The idea of this combination has always been close to my heart and I am happy to see it translate into action. Our customers need TMT Rebars, Cement and Steel Roofs to construct their houses as well as Paint to beautify their homes. JSW Group is the only conglomerate globally which can offer Steel, Cement and Paints as a comprehensive offering to our customers. Through JSW One, we leverage this unique opportunity to change and alter the way we market our products to our customers. I strongly believe in the opportunity for JSW One to be a force multiplier that will cater to an ecosystem of similar stakeholders. We already have a very strong presence through our various businesses in Eastern India, which can be leveraged to quickly scale up our combined offerings in this region.”

According to Mr. Vinay Shroff, Executive Vice President for Marketing & Sales of JSW Steel said,“As a flagship business of JSW Group and an integrated steel manufacturer, JSW Steel is a leader in manufacturing high-strength and advanced high-end steel products for various customer applications. Our Brands are leaders in their respective categories including home building. JSW One offers us an excellent opportunity to deepen our penetration in the eastern market where our brands are present and established. It will provide high-quality JSW Neosteel TMT Rebars and Cement for our customers’ requirements in the most pioneering retail combination. Moreover, our businesses will derive structural synergies of the Group through JSW One by further expanding the distribution offering and footprint in East to drive increase volumes.”

Mr. Nilesh Narwekar, Chief Executive Officer, JSW Cement said,“Over the past few years, JSW Cement has made significant inroads into the Eastern India market asthe only new entrant, who has been able to establish firmly in Category A of Cement players. JSW One is a pioneering initiative by JSW Group to draw combined synergies of Cement and Steel through the same distribution channel. The JSW One initiative will help both our channel partners tap into new revenue streams through Cement &Steel products. It will also open opportunitiesof professional development to our Sales team who will now be managing two different products like Cement and Steel across marginally different distribution formats (i.e. one being distributor oriented and the other around managing a multi-brand dealer /sub-dealer counter) and dealing with a near similar ecosystem of influencers. I am confident that JSW One will help the JSW Group to grow from strength to strength.”

Mr. Surjayan Mukherjee, Vice President Sales & Marketing, JSW Cement said,“Currently JSW Group has1766cement dealers &950steel dealers in Eastern region of India. Out of these, only 110 dealers currently sell both Steel and Cement. With JSW One initiative, we will be able to scale-up this overlap to deepen our combined presence in the East. Moreover, during the home construction process, Cement and Steel are often sold together. Thus, the influence of Masons& contractorsis significant in the value chain. The JSW One initiative will help us improve our engagement with these common stakeholders and leverage the combined synergies towards greater trust-building in the market.”

JSW One has commenced operations with the cross-selling JSW Neosteel TMT Rebars and Cement portfolio to itschannel partners. It will help expand the Group’s on-ground reach to bring JSW closer to its customers. JSW One enables the JSW Group to become a one-stop-solution for the consumer’s home-building requirements as well as benefit from the synergistic advantages of customer overlaps within the different businesses.

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