Jio drives the Future of Connected Vehicles;Showcases connected vehicle ecosystem at Auto Expo 2020

New Delhi: Automotive Industry is accelerating towards new era of technology and connectivity where customer experience is not just driven by superior mechanics, but also through technologies like AI and telematics.

As an enabler of digital adoption across industries, including the Automobile sector, Jio has been working on new technologies to redefine customer experience.

With its obsession to improve customer experience on an ongoing basis across touch points, Jio is showcasing use cases at Auto Expo 2020 that demonstrate the role of connectivity, network and technology for connected vehicles of the future.

The use cases bring together the benefits of connected life into the vehicle with connectivity, device management, application enablement & analytics.

Jio’s Future Ready Digital Expressway at the Auto Expo 2020 presents ‘Automotive Connectivity Solutions’, ‘Certified Devices & Hardware’, ‘Integrated Cloud & Services Platforms’ and ‘India-wide Services & Support Network’:

The use cases for the automobile industry are an illustration of Jio’s capabilities to create secure and scalable IoT solutions, which will help drive digital transformation of industries.

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