Jio connects remote Narayanpatna block in hilly Koraput district of Odisha with true 4G digital life

Bhubaneswar: In today’s era, digital connectivity has become one of the basic needs and essential part of everyday life for almost everyone, be it for communication, education, entertainment, or fulfilment of daily needs. The role and importance of staying digital connected assumed further greater significance during the pandemic. However, many people from remote pockets and challenging geographical terrains are still away from the benefits of India’s digital transformation journey.


Aiming to bridge this gap and bring the benefits of digital transformation to the hitherto unconnected localities, Jio Odisha, as part of the mission of ‘Connecting the Unconnected’, has been continuously expanding 4G digital footprints across many such remote areas in challenging geographies and rural hinterlands.

Recently, Jio connected the remote block headquarter town of Narayanpatna and nearby villages in hilly Koraput district of Odisha, with its all 4G network, ushering in a digital revolution for thousands of residents, many of whom experienced benefits of 4G internet for the first time.


Along with Narayanpatna town, which has several important government offices, hospital, administrative installations, educational institutes, and businesses, Jio 4G network has also benefited the residents from nearby villages of Bikrampur, Mundigura, Bachanaput, Anchalpur etc. covering over 7000 people in the remote area. The expeditious effort by Jio Odisha team has drawn appreciation from all quarters including the local residents, students, business communities as well as the district administration.


It is worth mentioning here that Jio has been playing a significant role in bridging the digital connectivity gap and empowering millions of hitherto unconnected citizens with its fast-expanding footprints of 4G digital lifeline in the remote and rural hinterlands across the country. Also, JioPhone Next, the ultra-affordable and feature rich smartphone jointly developed by Google and Jio has delighted thousands of users with transformational digital experience, especially for first-time smartphone users across age groups in the hinterlands of Odisha, helping them realise their smartphone dreams at affordable prices. The slick smartphone with the latest features of high-end smartphones along with combined strength of the ecosystem of all Google apps and premium applications of Jio, high-powered back and front camera delivers unmatchable performance, generating a wow effect for thousands of users upgrading from feature phone to smartphone segment.


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