International sand artist Manas Sahoo’s sandy message on the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day


Puri: Now a days tuberculosis is a life-taking disease. On an average nearly 22 lakh people get affected by this disease in India each year and every five minutes two people die because of this disease. Public awareness is necessary to tackle this menace.

How the whole world has been grasped with the harmful and dangerous effect of Tuberculosis is shown in the sand art and now the time has come to create awareness about this disease by making a Tuberculosis-free world and to lead a healthy lifestyle is what is shown in a beautiful, artistic way by the sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo. And an appeal is being made by the artist to the people and the world over, not to fear the Tuberculosis disease and by consuming the right medicine in the proper way one can get completely cured of this disease.

This sand art is made at Manas Sahoo’s Sand Art Park situated at golden sea-beach of Puri. This sand art is of 15 feet in width and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to make it. To built this art it took Mr. Sahoo and the students of his institute nearly eight hours to complete it. “IT’S TIME TO END TB” is the message given to the world

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