Interactive session on art and food for the upcoming Bhubaneswar Art Trail event


Bhubaneswar, October 25: Among the many artists who will be curating and participating in the upcoming Bhubaneswar Art Trail (BAT) event is Suchismita Mohanty, an artist who uses multiple mediums for her creativity. Painting, sculpture, photography, and installation are what this brilliant artist adept at.

She has completed her Bachelor Degree in sculpture pathway and honed her skill over stone and wood carving. That apart, she has participated in a number of workshops all over in India. It was during her master program in Art History at National Museum New Delhi, when she actually started developing her ideas more conceptually. In fact, that later helped her to think deeply about her roots in her native state Odisha.

Hailing from a farmer’s family, she has always felt inspired by nature, greenery and agriculture, which can easily be seen in her artworks as well. Even if she lives in a metropolitan city, yet she feels quite connected to her roots and always reminisces the vast green fields, rivers and deep forest etc.

Besides being an artist, she is also inclined towards creative cooking, food designing and food photography.

Today from 11am to 4pm, she had an interactive session titled as ‘Courtyard (Agana)’, with the communities for the upcoming BAT event, wherein she narrated about the Odia family and food sharing systems.

She even introduced her practice on food experiment with the people of Old Town, Bhubaneswar. Besides, she shared her knowledge on Odia food ingredients and prepared some recipe for the locals. 4 items were there on the menu including Mati allu kabab, Lilly pakoda, Aparajita tea and Paan with elephant apple.

She concluded by saying that the session was conducted to know better about people and how they are accepting the change of food.

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