IIMC Dhenkanal celebrates August Kranti Divas


Dhenkanal, 8th August: The Indian Institute of Mass Communication on Thursday organized a special lecture on ‘Gandhi as a communicator’ on the occasion of August Kranti Divas. The lecture was delivered by senior media academician Professor Subir Ghosh here at the campus in presence of Regional Director on IIMC Dhenkanal Professor Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee, faculties and the students of the institute. Speaking on this occasion Ghosh highlighted how Gandhi used his exceptional communication skills and newspaper to raise voice for the exploited and marginalized Indians.
He said, “Gandhi always knew how powerful tool newspapers could be and he used them to forge public opinion in favor of the exploited and marginalized class of the society. Gandhi’s newspapers were effectively used as vehicles of social change in a time when the radio was under the control of the British government and the television channels were not present.”
“More than anyone else, Mahatma Gandhi understood that effective communication is the most effective means of shaping public opinion and collecting it for popular support. He mastered in this art during his anti-racism crusade in South Africa where he started “The Indian Opinion” in the year 1903. He used his powerful pen to make his millions of followers and fans aware of the world. After returning to his homeland on January 9, 1913, he led the freedom struggle. Gandhiji made the best use of the nationalist press and his own magazines: Young India, Navajivan and every nook and corner of the country took the support of other magazines to reach the people. He also knew that the secret to reaching the hearts of people living in rural areas was through old oral traditions as well as through public lectures, prayer gatherings, and progress (walking). He used all the available means of communication channels of that time to give a new direction to the national struggle and made sure that his message reaches to the masses,” he added.
Speaking on this occasion, Head of the host institute, Professor Mrinal Chatterjee said, “Gandhi was one of the finest communicators in the history. He successfully communicated with people in remote villages and cities at a time when there were no modern communication facilities like television or internet.”
Notably, August Kranti Divas is celebrated every year on 9th August by IIMC in order to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s historic call for ‘Quit India Movement’.

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