ICC Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket Membership Amidst Government Interference

ICC Takes Decisive Action: Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket Membership Over Government Interference

Dubai, Nov 10 – In a significant development, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken the decision to suspend Sri Lanka Cricket’s full membership, citing concerns over government interference in the national board’s affairs. This decision comes in the wake of a tumultuous week marked by political interventions in the country’s cricket administration.


The move follows a unanimous resolution passed by the Sri Lankan parliament on Thursday, which called for the removal of the nation’s cricket governing body. Notably, both ruling and opposition parties supported the resolution, indicating a consensus on the need for a change in cricket administration.

In an official statement, the ICC declared, “The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board has suspended Sri Lanka Cricket’s membership of the ICC with immediate effect.” The suspension takes effect immediately, raising questions about Sri Lanka’s participation in upcoming international cricket events.

The suspension underscores the global cricket governing body’s commitment to maintaining autonomy and preventing external influences from affecting the integrity and independence of cricket boards. The situation in Sri Lanka will undoubtedly prompt discussions within the cricketing community about the delicate balance between governmental involvement and cricket administration independence.

As the cricket world awaits further developments, the suspension serves as a reminder of the challenges cricket boards face in maintaining a balance between governmental oversight and ensuring the sport’s autonomy.

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