ICC announces changes in cricket’s playing conditions, using saliva to polish ball now permanently prohibited

The International Cricket Council, ICC on Tuesday announced several changes to its playing conditions after the Chief Executives’ Committee ratified recommendations from the Sourav Ganguly-led Men’s Cricket Committee. Some of these new rules would be having historic effect on the game of Cricket itself. The main changes to the Playing Conditions will come into effect on 1st October, 2022.

According to the new rules Mankad would no longer be considered as an unfair play but it would be called an ‘Run-Out’. The saliva ban that was implemented for the past two years due to covid-19 would now be permanent and players would not be allowed to use saliva to make the ball shine.

Another interesting change in rule would be the ‘batter returning when caught’. If a batter is caught out the new batsman coming would be the one taking strikes. It won’t matter if the players have crossed each other or not in the process.

New rules also said that the new coming batter need to get ready to face the ball within two minutes of him reaching the pitch. The 90 seconds rule for T20 cricket will remain unchanged.

Any unfair and deliberate movement while the bowler is running in to bowl could now result in the umpire awarding five penalty runs to the batting side, in addition to a call of Dead ball.

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