Chennai :  Humsafar India in league with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has introduced its App based doorstep diesel service in Andaman and Nicobar islands both in bulk and 20 litre jerrycans .


“The main aim of launching this service in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar and major adjoining inhabited islands is to ease the lives of the end consumers by avoiding the hassle of procuring diesel. The government has approved this doorstep diesel delivery system and has proved to be the new age concept of effectively distributing diesel. It aids fuel start-ups to maintain quality and create the availability of fuel for the consumers. This system aims to benefit various industries such as marine, agriculture, tourism, wood, coir, shipping, hospitals, housing societies, heavy machinery facilities, mobile towers and much more.” said Ms. Sanya Goel, Founder Director, Humsafar India.


“Earlier, the infrastructure for efficient distribution of energy was absent. The consumers of diesel had to procure it from retail outlets in barrels which lead to a lot of spillage and dead mileage in every procurement. The introduction of doorstep delivery of diesel in bulk and in jerrycans has solved many such problems. Moreover, the diesel provided in bulk to the consumers is done in the most legally compliant manner” said Ms Goel


“As Andaman and Nicobar has three districts and is spread over 38 inhabited islands, Humsafar India plans to open 10 franchise partnerships on the island. Door-to-Door delivery of fuel is permitted for stationary equipment, machinery and heavy vehicles which are located at specific customer sites, in dedicated industrial zones, equipment operating in mines, construction sites, agricultural machinery, diesel generators, vehicles etc. which cannot be sent to the service station for refueling on a regular basis. The Door-to-Door delivery of HSD is carried out by PESO licensed mobile dispensers to the identified customers through start-ups and dealer owned mobile dispensers.” said Mr. Nishit Goel, Founder director, Humsafar India.


“Humsafar started its services in the NCR region, including Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and parts of Rajasthan. Since then, it has made approximately 300 partners across states. Of these, 92 partners are actively using the Fuel Humsafar App and these numbers continue to grow. We believe that these numbers and areas would grow exponentially due to the strength of our unique ‘Bowser+’ programme. Currently, our challenge is to grow internal resources accordingly. Besides this, the Tech platform is known for its dynamic nature. We are strengthening our Tech vertical a lot and a great deal of focus would be to create a vibrant seamless marketplace,” said Mr Mayank Agarwal, Founder Director of Humsafar India.


“Our Vision is to provide last-mile connectivity in the fuel space. Therefore, it is logical to get into other fuels as the Government of India keeps opening up the space. Consequently, CNG delivery, opened by the Government was the next logical step. We further believe that the Government of India would open up Diesel Door Delivery for other sectors in the coming future. This move will increase the market potential exponentially. We look forward to Petrol Door Delivery in the next 2 to 5 years on account of the scarcity of land in urban areas.” said Ms. Sanya Goel.


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