Himesh and Deepika Padukone perform on Naam hai tera once again

Mumbai: Himesh who had lauched Deepika Padukone in his album ‘Aap kaa surroor’ with the blockbuster hit song ‘Nam Hai Tera’ performed the same song on his reality TV show Indian Idol with Deepika who came to promote her new movie Chapaak. Deepika thanked Himesh for launching her but Himesh very modestly said that he has launched other girls too but there’s only one Deepika ,so the credit goes entirely to her hard work and dedication and not him at all , Himesh also said that he loved the trailer of Chapaak and he even messaged Deepika the same day saying that it takes a lot of courage and hard work to work on such a difficult role and hats off to her and Meghana Gulzar for such a brilliant script and Himesh said that he is very sure that Deepika will receive the national award for Chapaak. Himesh also got very emotional when he met Laxmi Agarwal and said that Laxmi Agarwal on whom the film chapaak is based is a star for whom the entire world should clap for , Himesh took a selfie with Laxmi and said that he will always cherish this moment. Laxmi Agarwal came on the sets of his TV show and also sang the beautiful song Lag jaa gale which she dedicated to Deepika .

Himesh is known to launch a lot of people in the industry and the recent example is Ranu Mondal whom he launched as a singer in his upcoming film Happy Hardy and Heer for the super hit song that went viral Teri Meri Kahani. Happy Hardy and Heer releases on 31st Jan and the trailer will come out soon.

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