Happiness through Joy of Giving: Teachers show the way

Bhubaneswar: While the Puja celebrations are round the corner and the blessings of Devi Durga comes to our homes through gifts, for those who stay in orphanage or similar institutions, getting a gift with love and affection means a lot. Here is a story of such a gesture from DAV Public School, Pokhariput to lighten the moments of happiness through gifting when the Joy of Giving Week (October 2 to October 😎 is in force.
On the occasion of celebrating the week, teachers of the Morning Shift of DAV Public School Pokhariput tried to bring loads of smile and joy to the inmates of Adruta Children’s Home Gadakana and Missionaries of Charities Saint Mother Teresa’s Home, Satya Nagar, yesterday.
The team of teachers led by Supervisor Sanghamitra Satapathy under the mentorship of school Principal Dr. Sujata Sahu, collected carton loads of daily need items, generously and happily donated by the parents of the morning session (Class LKG to Standard II), and shared them with the inmates of these two stay homes.
Not only sharing the goodies with the inmates of the Adruta Children’s Home Gadakana and Missionaries of Charities Saint Mother Teresa’s Home, Satya Nagar, but the entire team of teachers of the Morning Shift spent a quality time with the inmates, listened to their stories, saw their performances live at their place and also came to know the challenges through which the inmates are passing through, in their everyday life.
The donated items were beautifully and minutely packaged by the teachers themselves consisting soaps, “dettol’’ liquid, detergent, mosquito repellent coils, phenyl and food items like rice, sugar, potato, tea, biscuits, “satua’’, flattened rice and new clothes and bed sheets among others.
Morning Shift Supervisor Sanghamitra Satapathy said “every year we use to celebrate the Joy of Giving Week, but this time have scaled it up a bit with active cooperation from the parents.’’
“In the coming years we would be taking it even to a much higher level. We are trying to help out the inmates who are needy and in a way also inspiring others in our society to come and take up such ventures so that the needy people will feel happy. We need to share our happiness through these with the inmates in stay homes.’’

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