Global Phenomenon, Coke Studio showcased at .FEST with prominent musician, Clinton Cerejo

Bhubaneswar: Day 6 of the inaugural edition of.FEST (Bhubaneswar City Festival) hosted yet another lively crowd who witnessed a splendid opening act by talented Odisha born singer, Rojalin Sahu. What followed was a memorable experience for the ten thousand plus audience as Clinton Cerejo and the Bandperformed and captivated them on the Coke Studio stage.

As a first-of-its-kind music project that has established itself in the country and overseas, Coke Studio has showcased an unmatchedand soulful musical experience by Indian music composer, producer and singer – Clinton Cerejo who has been prominently featured on the platform for years.His power packed performance saw him sing songs across different genres including Rock, Pop, Bollywood and more at .FEST With successful hits like ‘Madari’, ‘Baina’ and ‘Pinjra’ and many more, the multi-award winning music composer and his band received an incredible response from the audiences who enjoyed every minute of the musical journey at the festival.

One of the main highlights for today was the launch of BhuFeSto – International Storytelling Festival which kicked off to a packed audience with hundreds of people attending every session.All three venues – Indira Gandhi Park,Kharavela Park and Buddha Jayanti Park and received tremendous response.

The sign language storytelling session at Indira Gandhi Park witnessed around 200 Deaf children enjoying the session hosted byNita Gopalakrishnan and Deepa Kiran. Other children were also sensitized to the issue and introduced to basics in sign language like ‘hello’, ‘how are you’. This was followed by a session hosted by French puppeteer, Sabrina Arusamwho kept the children and adults captivated till the very endby getting theme tointeract with the puppet. Famous television personality, Usasi Mishra did a storytelling in Odia which delighted the audience.
Kharavela Park echoed with young voices rhyming to ittikili-mittikill and shouting dham-dham, knock-knock, and every possible sound. People visiting the parkcouldn’t resist the fun and joined in to hear the storytellers too. Ravindra Kumar made everyone brain storm with animpromptu quiz for the kids. Vividha from Indore told funny stories aboutMolla Nasraddin,a hilarious, witty, clumsy philosopher of the 13th century, followed by thoughtful stories with a messagelike values of life and importance of learning by doing. This session ended with a musical note performed by Deevyam, Asit and Faisal.

BhuFeSto at Buddha Jayanti Park was unique as well.Argentinian Paula Martin’s stories from her homeland gave new thought of expression to the Indian audience. They found themselves enthralled by the instruments used to communicate the feeling behind the stories like Ronroco, Sikus, Kazoo, Wind affects, cans and more which were brought by Paula from her homeland. Storyteller Lopamudra engaged the audience with fun activities and various dance and music forms.The third storyteller, Prachitara enacted stories with unique and different costumes and accessories with a social message and delivered moral values for the audience as a take away.

Turning out in a plenty for the evening event, the festival continues to offer visitors a one of a kind experience with its International Street Food Festival. Response from visitors has been overwhelming as they are getting to taste cuisines from all over the world at just one place.

On Friday, 7th December 2018, .FEST is set to host IIT graduate-turned-stand-up comedian, Biswa Kalyan Rath, a total laughter riot. Opening his act will be actor and writer, Kumar Varun and comedian Rohit Swain who are bound to leave the audiences in splits. So brace yourself for great standup acts filled withhilarious narratives and witty punchlines.

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