Gandadhar Meher Birth Anniversary: Odisha pays tribute to the revered poet

Bhubaneswar: (Avilash Panigrahi ) -: Swabhaba kabi Gangadhara Meher was a renowned Odia poet of the 19th century. He was a literary Midas, who transformed everything into gold by the alchemic touch of his genius.

He was a born poet of delicate charm. His was a clean white style. His poem Bhakti (The Devotion) bears eloquent testimony to the change in religious outlook. He was essentially a poet of intuition and side by side he had a penetrating insight. Though poor in wealth and education, he was very rich in mind and culture. In almost all his writing there is a glimpse of originality.


Gangadhar was born in 1862 on the full moon day of Shravan at Barpali of present day Bargarh district of Odisha. Chaitanya Meher was working as a village Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) besides his family profession of weaving. But as he could not maintain his family with the income of these works, he opened a village school and began to teach a few children. Gangadhar Meher could read up to the Middle Vernacular Standard hurdling over diverse disadvantages, and his excessive desire for reading one day dragged him to the field of writing poems.

Several political leaders and political parties took to Twitter and paid homage to the eminent poet Gangadhara Meher on his birth anniversary today.



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