FUJIFILM India spreads awareness about Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Bhubaneshwar

FUJIFILM India Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities is hosting an event to raise awareness about the early detection of breast cancer in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.

As part of the event, Fujifilm will be addressing key problems and potential solutions in digital mammography breast imaging while also highlighting the clinical relevance of the technology. Fujifilm has installed its cutting-edge AMULET Innovality, a highly advanced breast cancer diagnostic tool with CEDM technology at NIDAN Diagnostic which enables women to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage.

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent and fatal forms of cancer. Government data shows that, on average, nearly four out of ten women diagnosed with breast cancer succumbed to the disease in India in 2020. As per the 2020 National Cancer Registry Program Report, the number is expected to rise to more than 2.3 lakh cases in 2025. Despite the advancements in treatment, the risks associated with breast cancer continue to rise. The primary reason for this is lack of awareness amongst patients and only reaching the doctor during their last stages of the disease. Understanding this problem, Fujifilm strives to educate people and take the early detection technology across India to save lives.

Commenting on the occasion Mr. Chander Shekhar Sibal, Senior Vice President, Medical Division, FUJIFILM India said, “Breast cancer is a leading cause of concern amongst women health issues. Early diagnosis, effective treatment, and high-quality palliative care can lessen symptoms and prevent the disease from progressing. We at Fujifilm are committed to developing solutions for women by promoting early detection and aiding in preventive healthcare through breast cancer screenings across the country. We are determined to Never Stop innovating and making the world a healthier place.”

Dr. Debasis Padhi, Managing Director NIDAN Diagnostic & Research center said“We are delighted to have collaborated with industry leaders like FUJIFILM India as they hold an outstanding track record in terms of making top-notch medical devices. With the AMULET Innovality, we are certain that our clinicians and specialists will be further armed with better devices and machines to provide better diagnosis as well as treatment to their patients.  This will not only improve the overall patient outcome but will also bridge the patient-care gap between metro cities and small towns or remote locations, where quality diagnosis and treatment otherwise lack.”

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