On Friendship Day Ekamra & Museum walks become special

Bhubaneswar: On the Friendship Day both the Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit in the morning and Museum Walk in the evening saw friends from different walks of life and background. Especially during the afternoon Museum Walk many young friends visited Kala Bhoomi and enjoyed the art, craft and handloom wealth of Odisha.
During 86th Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit Bidhan Chandra Debata, a company secretary by profession came with wife Sugata Nayak to celebrate friendship and learning about heritage and temple architecture.
“I had been to Ekamra Walks long ago and was telling my wife time and again to visit the temples, the medicinal plant garden Ekamra Van and also see the traditions associated with the old city. Today on the Friendship Day we though we should have this as the day is also very special to us,’’ said Debata, who stays in Gajapati Nagar.
Sugata said “I am staying in the city for last 43 years, but never has such an interesting experience with the temples and monuments. The medicinal plant garden is also very beautifully designed with theme of man, woman and child in mind. I really enjoyed the special morning on the Friendship Day.’’
Both the husband and wife were so impressed with the walk that they also added that in future we would always advise our friends and professional counterparts to take part in the walk. More than 30 walkers participated in the 86th Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit.
Kashish, Divya, Priyanka, Rajat and Shahav all friends came to Kala Bhoomi to take part in the 9th Museum Walk.
Kashish, a professional Odissi dancer said “the day is very special to all of us and to make it more memorable we thought about visiting a place of importance, which celebrates the essence of Odisha and Utkala.’’
Divya, also an Odissi dancer said “the Craft Museum is a place where all the art and craft things are displayed with aesthetics and love. The friends in a group can always find much time to relax and see the objects on display.’’
Rajat, part of the friends’ group said “we really enjoyed the walk just not exploring the art objects, but in a way as we could make it in a group on this special day. We are lucky that our togetherness was possible on the day, which is celebrated world over by friends for love, affection and care.’’
They were among the 55 walkers, who joined the event, which ended with a performance of `Ranapa’ dance, a folk performance from Ganjam district. In this exclusive dance a dancer performs on a bamboo sticks attached to his feet. Regions like Chatrapur and Purushottampur in Ganjam are famous for this folk dance form.

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